Sunday, December 18, 2011

highlights from "Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans "

"...Other bloggers are speaking up, because it’s bringing up all the ways Native Americans have been exploited and misrepresented in mainstream culture. "

“The issue now is not only who gets to represent Native Americans,” Metcalfe says, “but also who gets to profit.”

"To me, it just feels like one more thing non-Natives can take from us—like our land, our moccasins, our headdresses, our beading, our religions, our names, our cultures weren’t enough? " -Adrienne K.

"And Ke$ha and other young scenesters seem to think there’s nothing wrong with donning copies of sacred headgear for partying at summer rock festivals like Coachella."

“There’s the whole economic stratification issue of it,” Metcalfe writes. “These designs are expensive. The new Portland Collection ranges from $48 for a tie to over $700 for a coat. The Opening Ceremony collection was equally, if not more, costly. It almost feels like rubbing salt in the wound, when poverty is rampant in many Native communities, to say ‘Oh, we designed this collection based on your culture, but you can’t even afford it!’”

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