Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A really important exhibit, "Kiskisan kung Kiskisan,” is opening this Friday at SpaceLuna showcasing works by Franz DG. "Kiskisan kung Kiskisan” translates to an intense confrontation characterized with friction or a clash between two opposing forces. It is a style of confrontation that brings each foe elbow-to-elbow and cheek-to-cheek. It is a peoples’ weapon of resistance and their fearless determination to struggle for true liberation and democracy.

On Friday, February, 24, 7 PM, this clash will unfold in Franz DG's art show, “Kiskisan kung Kiskisan: An Ongoing Struggle of the People,” where one will see the history and struggles of Filipinos from the time of Lapu Lapu resisting against the Spanish conquistadors to the recent struggles of the urban poor fighting off the demolitions of their homes."

I genuinely believe Franz DG  is one of the most important artists of our times. His insight and political critiques offer opportunities for different audiences to view their own structural relationships within the world.  Oftentimes I find that the work of socially conscious artists belies a greater understanding of labor and historical relations. Franz DG is one the of very few rare artists whose profound concern for social justice is catapulted by equally amazing talent.
Bam!!  Check this bad boy out!

Kiskisan kung Kiskisan opening
2404 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1B
Los Angeles, CA 90057 

February 24, 2012  7-11PM

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